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Monday, January 25, 2010

New Releases - January 26, 2010

50 Dead Men Walking - Jim Sturgess stars as a young Belfast man who is recruited by the British police to infiltrate the IRA during "The Troubles" in this thriller based on a true story. The undercover agent carefully works his way deep into the organization but finds that it's much harder to get out alive the further he digs in. Ben Kingsley, Kevin Zegers, Natalie Press and Rose McGowan co-star. With commentary, deleted scenes, andfeaturettes 2009. R.

Ballad in Blue [aka Blues for Lovers] - Although a touch on the maudlin side, this British drama's main highlight is R & B singing legend Ray Charles in one of his rare film leads. Charles plays himself [and very well I might add], a hit singer who is on tour in Britain, and he ends up bonding with a young blind boy and his stressed out widowed mother. Thankfully, Charles sings many of his best songs [including "I Got a Woman" and "What'd I Say?"] and the strong supporting cast includes Mary Peach as the mother and Tom Bell [Hope & Glory] as her boyfriend. Dawn Addams is also featured. B/W. 1964. Unrated.

Boys Are Back, The - Clive Owen took a break from his usual action films and won raves for his portrayal of a man who has to take care of his two sons after his wife dies and discovers he may not be up to the challenge. With Laura Fraser, Nicholas MacnNulty, Julia Blake, and Emma Booth. With featurette. 2009. PG-13.

Bright Star - Director Jane Campion [My Brilliant Career, The Piano] finally returns to form with this critically acclaimed drama recreating the doomed romance between poet John Keats and a younger woman, Fanny Brawne. Ben Whishaw and Abbie Cornish shine as the lovers. Paul Schneider, Kerry Fox and Thomas Sangster co-star. Plus deletedscenes andfeaturettes. 2009. PG-13.

Carnera - Andrea Iaia stars as boxing legend Primo Carnera in this biopic. Paul Sorvino, Burt Young and F. Murray Abraham co-star. 2009. R.

Che: The Criterion Collection - Steven Soderbergh's epic indie biopic of the iconic revolutionary Che Guevara is given The Criterion treatment in this equally epic 3 disc set. Part One deals with how Che becomes a successful rebel leader while Part Two shows his tragic fall as he tries to apply his revolution doctrine to people who do not want it. With commentary, a full length documentary and featurettes. 3 separate rentals: Part One, Part Two, and The Supplements. 2008. Unrated.

The Donner Party - Released straight to video, this underrated drama recreates the infamous true events of a group of people who are trapped in dead of winter in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the 1800's. A group of men from the party try to go for help and end up eating the dead to try to survive. More of a drama than a horror film but still shocking. Crispin Glover, Clayne Crawford, Mark Boone and Christian Kane star. 2010. R.

The Escapist - Fans of prison escape films like The Great Escape and Escape from Alcatraz will want to check out this highly praised but little seen British thriller starring the great Brian Cox as a prisoner who wants to see his dying daughter one last time, but first, he has to put together a crew to help him escape. Joseph Fiennes, Damian Lewis, Steven Macintosh, Liam Cunnigham, Seu Jorge and Dominic Cooper star. With deleted scenes andfeaturettes. 2008. Unrated.

I Heart Jonas - Those precocious Jonas Brothers just won't go away quietly. Here they are again in this compilation of several episodes of their popular Disney TV series. 2010. Unrated.

I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell - Based on Tucker Max's memoir, this over-the-top comedy follows Tucker [played my Matt Czuchry] as he behaves so badly at his friend's bachelor party that his wedding invitation is revoked. He spends the rest of the film trying to get a re-invite. Also starring Geoff Stults, Jesse Bradford, Keri Lynn Pratt, Marika Dominczyk, and Traci Lords. Plus outtakes. 2009. Unrated.

The Invention of Lying - Ricky Gervais co-stars and co-directs [with Matthew Robinson] this high concept and occasionally funny farce about a man who invents lying to get what he wants in a world where everyone tells the truth. The fun cast includes Jennifer Garner, Rob Lowe, Louis C.K., Tina Fey, Christopher Guest, Jeffrey Tambor and Jonah Hill.With documentary, featurettes and outtakes. 2009. PG-13.

MI-5: Volume 7 - The excellent British spy series returns with new star Richard Armitage as a UK agent who has spent the last 8 years in a Russian prison, but that may help him in a current operation that involves trying to keep the Cold War between the UK and Russia from heating up again. Also-starring Rupert Penry-Jones, Peter Firth, Hermione Norris, Miranda Raison. With commentary, featurettes and documentary. 4 separate rentals. 2009. Unrated.

Michael Jackson: This Is It - This acclaimed documentary showcases Michael Jackson's final rehearsals for his comeback concert tour. Great musical numbers and blazing talent help overcome the lack of any mention of the controversies surrounding the troubled but brilliant musical legend. With featurettes and extended scenes. 2009. PG.

Paris, Texas: The Criterion Collection - Wim Wenders offbeat drama based on a Sam Shepard screenplay is given the Crietrion treatment in this two disc edition. Harry Dean Stanton is memorable as a drifter who returns to his small town home in Texas to see if he can mend fences with his estranged son, wife and brother. Nastassja Kinski, Dean Stockwell, Aurore Clement, Hunter Carson and John Lurie star in this cult classic. With commentary, featurettes and more. 1984. R.

Saw VI: Unrated Director's Cut - Another year has come and gone so it must be time for the next "Saw" movie. Costas Mandylor [remember Picket Fences?] returns as Detective Hoffman, who vows to continue Jigsaw's grisly human experiments despite an investigation by the FBI. This sixth installment also stars Betsy Russell, Mark Rolston, Tobin Bell, Shawnee Smith, Peter Outerbridge, Shauna McDonald, Darius McCrary. Also includes the first Saw in case you need a refresher course on how it started. Plus commentary and featurettes. 2009. Unrated.

Sing Along with Barbie - Karaoke for kids featuring a compilation of Barbie's best songs from her various films and TV shows. $2 rental. 2010. Unrated.

St. Trinian's - This 2007 reboot of Britain's popular comedy film series about hell raising young girls who create anarchy at a girls school was a bit hit in the UK and Europe but only now is being released in the U.S. direct to video. Colin Firth goes against type as a conservative education minister who wants to shut down the racy antics of St. Trinian's girls. Rupert Everett, Lena Headey [remember Sarah Connor Terminator Chronicles?], Jodie Whittaker, Russell Brand, Stephen Fry, Toby Jones, Caterina Murino, and Mischa Barton star in this hysterical farce. 2007. PG-13.

Surrogates - Bruce Willis stars as an FBI agent who lives in a world where people live their lives through identical surrogates and murder no longer exists. However, when a college student linked to the creator of surrogates is killed, he has to become his real self to investigate how this could happen, uncovering a conspiracy and endangering his life and the entire society. Radha Mitchell, Rosamund Pike, Boris Kodjoe, James Cromwell and Ving Rhames also star in this exciting sci-fi actioner. WIth deleted scenes, featurettes and music video. 2009. PG-13.

Whip It - Drew Barrymore co-stars and makes her directing debut in this fun and energetic comedy starring Ellen Page [Juno] as a young woman who wants to break out of her small town blues and do something exciting. When she comes upon a rough and tumble roller derby team, she finds the excitement she craves by becoming a roller derby star overnight. One of a handful of films about roller derby [including Kansas City Bomber, Unholy Rollers and Derby], this charming comedy take also stars Juliette Lewis, Marcia Gay Harden, Kristin Wiig, Jimmy Fallon and Daniel Stern. Plus deleted scenes. 2009. PG-13.



Whip It

descriptions written by manager Steven Y Mori

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