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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Releases - May 11, 2010

Daybreakers - In the year 2019, a mysterious plague turns almost everyone into vampires, but the bigger problem is that they are running out of humans to gourge on. They either have to find a new blood supply or face extinction themselves in this better than average horror/chiller. Ethan Hawke plays a researcher who is trying to figure out a way to save the human race and uncovers a secret that the vampires have discovered. The excellent cast includes Willem Dafoe, Claudia Karvan, Michael Dorman, Sam Neill, Vince Colosimo, and Isabel Lucas. With commentary, featurette and stills. Directed by The Spierig Brothers. 2010. 16x9 Widescreen. R.

Drive-in Cult Classics Vol. 3: 8 Movie Collection - This collection of 8 great cult classics includes the following films: The Babysitter - Patricia Wymer plays the title heroine Candy, who becomes a seductive babysitter for a powerful D.A. and ends up blackmailing him to set a motorcycle gang free; Weekend with the Babysitter - Susan Roman takes over the role of Candy in this sequel to the first film, this time seducing a married movie director played by George E. Carey. The Pink Angels - This camp classic is about a cycle gang that appears macho but is actually a group of cross-dressing cyclists! Blood Mania - Shapely Maria DeAragon plays the femme fatale in this enjoyable noir horror about a babe who, with her boyfriend, helps kill her abortionist father for the inheritance but things go awry when she finds out she doesn't get the money. Single Room Furnished - Sadly, this bizarre, lurid low budget exploitationer is sexpot icon Jayne Mansfield's last film as she portrays a teenager (!) whose life eventually slides into all-out decadence. Van Nuys Blvd - This fun sex farce inspired by American Graffiti has a horny young guy discovering the allure of cruising Van Nuys Blvd. Danny DeVito also has a co-starring part. With commentary! The Pom Pom Girls - This classic in the cheerleader or rah rah girls sub-genre stars a bunch of hot babes [including cult actresses Jennifer Ashley and Lisa Reeves] who hook up with a few guys (one played by a young Robert Carradine) and go on a prank-filled spree before the big game with their rival high school. Malibu Beach - An enjoyable excuse to see shapely chicks in bikinis and hunky guys in swimsuits as we go through a day at the beach with a hot lifeguard (appealingly played by Kim Lankford before moving onto prime time soaps) as she fields potential disasters and fends off horny guys. Some Widescreen 16x9 and some Full Frame. Regular price rental for 8 films!

Edge of Darkness [2010] - In another rare isntance of a director remaking his own film, director Martin Campbell [Goldeneye, Casino Royale] decided to do a meaner, leaner update of the 1985 UK miniseries that sent his career into high gear. The plot is basically the same as Mel Gibson plays a tough cop whose visiting daughter is literally gunned down before his very eyes. At first, he thinks it was one of his old enemies, but as he digs deeper, he discovers that she was the intended target and possibly the whistle-blower for a massive cover-up. Of course, the cop unleashes all kinds of hell as he pursues the killers and the truth in this unrelenting noir thriller. Gibson, who hasn't acted onscreen since his infamous DUI arrest and racist rant faux pas, brings his usual intensity and charisma back to the big screen and at least redeems himself onscreen with moments that will recall his roles in Mad Max, the LethalWeapon series, and especially Payback. The fine supporting cast features Ray Winstone, Danny Huston, and Bojana Novakovic. With additional scenes. Directed by Martin Campbell. 2010. 16x9 Widescreen. 117 minutes. R.

How I Met Your Mother: Season 3 - Neil Patrick Harris, Alyson Hannigan, Josh Radnor, Jason Segel, and Cobie Smulders return for a third hit season for the CBS sitcom with the added bonus and ratings boost from a very hot Britney Spears guest spot as well as appearances by Sarah Chalke, James Van Der Beek, Will Forte, Danica McKellar, Mandy Moore, Heidi Klum and many more. 20 epis spread across 3 discs, including many extras (commentaries, featurettes and music videos). 3 separate rentals.

I Love Lucy: The Movie - Back in 1953, Desilu decided to intercut 3 episodes (The Benefit, Breaking the Lease, and The Ballet) of the top-rated TV show I Love Lucy to release as a feature length movie. However, MGM was about to release The Long, Long Trailer with stars Lucille Bal and Desi Arnaz did not want competition from another Lucy-Desi film, so Desilu scrapped the film and put it in the vaults until this DVD release. There are other "great rarities," including the only color episode [Lucy Goes to Scotland] and bonus rare clips. The movie also co-stars longtime regulars William Frawley and Vivian Vance. 1953. Full screen. 81 minutes. Unrated.

Legion [2010] - The second intriguing horror flick out this week also has a fascinating story/premise. Apparently, God is not too happy with the way humans have screwed up Earth so he/she decides to put an end to humanity, starting with a motley crew of diners, one of whom may be carrying the saviour of the human race. Enter a renegade angel (Paul Bettany) who tries to help the diners from literally being blasted to hell in this wild & fun over-the-top gorefest. Especially creepy are the old lady and other humans who can scamper around ceilings on all fours. The better than average cast features Lucas Black, Tyrese Gibson, Adrianne Palecki, Charles S. Dutton, Jon Tenney, Kevin Durand, Willa Holland, Kate Walsh, and Dennis Quaid. With featurettes. Directed by Scott Stewart. 2010. 16x9 Widescreen. 100 minutes. R.

No Time for Sergeants - This classic comedy is definitely one of the funniest films of the Fifties and may even be one of the funniest films ever made. Andy Griffith, who broke out in films with his amazing turn in A Face in the Crowd, actually first hit the big time by taking Broadway by storm as Will Stockdale in the play version of this story. Stockdale is a Georgia farm boy who is drafted into the service and goes into basic training with a naievete and earnestness that annoys everyone around him, including his no-nonsense drill sergeant (wonderfully played by a deadpan Myron McCormick), a slick city guy (played with a nice coat of oil by Murray Hamilton), an aptitude tester (hysterically played by a nervous Don Knotts, pairing him for the first time with Griffith, who would later become sheriff Andy Taylor to Knotts' befuddled but beloved deputy Barney Fife on The Andy Griffith Show) and even his street-wise and by the book best friend (likably played by Nick Adams). Although his peculiar way of doing things frustrates his co-workers, the ever-likable Stockdale manages to persevere, whether it comes to latrine duty or paratrooping. Griffith gives a truly amazing performance that is warm, funny and winning even when he is driving everyone else crazy! Black and white. Directed by Mervyn LeRoy. 1957. 16x9 Widescreen. 119 minutes. Unrated.

Shotgun Stories - In this grim indie action drama, two sets of very differenet step brothers go to war with each other after their mutual father dies. Michael Shannon leads the disenchanted brothers who crash their father's funeral and start an ongoing confrontation with their father's more conventional sons that can only end in violence. Also starring Douglas Ligon and Barlow Jacobs. With commentary, isolated score and stills. Directed by Jeff Nichols. 2007. 16x9 Widescreen. 91 minutes. Unrated.

Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon - In what is sure to confuse a lot of people, this action film covers some of the same ground as John Woo's Red Cliff but in a highly paced 102 minutes that jettisons much of the historical background and character development. Andy Lau plays Zhao Yun Zilong, a general who works his way up from common man to a leader of army charged with toppling an evil warlord. Veteran Hong Kong actors Sammo Hung, Maggie Q, Vanness Wu, and Andy On also star in this epic actioner. With interviews. In Mandarin with English subtitles. Directed by Daniel Lee [Black Mask]. 2008. 16x9 Widescreen. R


Daybreakers - Same extras as the DVD plus short film and BD Live.

Edge of Darkness [2010] - Same extras as the DVD plus featurettes. Also includes the DVD as well.

Legion - Same extras as the DVD plus Picture-in-Picture and BD Live.

Descriptions written by manager Steven Y. Mori

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