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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Releases - May 4, 2010

B Girl - A high energy style musical drama in the footsteps of Step Up and Center Stage, the story follows a talented female breakdancer who moves to the West Coast after a devastating assault. However, she finds romance and the opportunity to show off her breakdancing skill in a fast-paced dance-off. Starring Missy Yager, Drew Sidora, Aimee Garcia, James Martinez, Richard Yniguez, Jerry Gago, and Welsey Jonathan. With bloopers, auditions and featurettes. Directed by Emily Dell. 2009. 16x9 Widescreen. 88 minutes. PG-13.

Doctor Zhivago: 45th Anniversary Edition - One of the most romantic movies ever made, this exquisite David Lean epic has been re-mastered in honor of its 45th anniversary. Based on Boris Pasternak's novel, the story focuses on the titular hero, who comes into his own as a caring doctor during the middle of The Russian Revolution. Although he has a wife and family, he falls for a tantalizing blonde beauty named Lara, who becomes his mistress and the love of his life as well as the object of affection for other men. The movie is a beautiful achievement, probably one of the best adaptations of a novel ever, with a great screenplay by Robert Bolt, sumptuous cinematography by Freddie Young, and a classic musical score by Maurice Jarre [can anyone ever forget Lara's Theme, "Somewhere My Love"?]. Lean, as in his previous epic Lawrence of Arabia, manages to bring humanity and intimacy to a larger than life story, this time filled with romance, war, action, murder, heroes, villains, tragedy and the joy of life. The outstanding cast is lead by a perfect Omar Sharif as Zhivago, Julie Christie as a luminous Lara, Geraldine Chaplin very effective as Zhivago's model wife, Tom Courtenay brilliant as Lara's politically passionate boyfriend, and Rod Steiger chilling as the powerful man who loves Lara. The excellent supporting cast includes Alec Guinness, Siobhan McKenna, Ralph Richardson, Rita Tushingham, and Klaus Kinski. 2 discs. With new documentary plus commentary, featurettes. and stills. 1965. 16x9 Widescreen. 200 minutes. PG-13.

Five Minutes of Heaven - From the director of the highly acclaimed Downfall comes this intriguing thriller starring James Nesbitt as a revenge-filled man who gets to confront the IRA revolutionary (Liam Neeson) who killed his brother in cold blood years ago. After spending years in prison for his crime, Neeson is a changed man and agrees to meet Nesbitt for the first time on live television. Will the angry Nesbitt kill him or forgive him? With featurette. Directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel. 2009. 16x9 Widescreen. 89 minutes. R.

Leap Year - Amy Adams [Julie and Julia, Enchanted] returns to romantic comedy in this cute physical farce. She plays a young beauty whose boyfriend doctor (Adam Scott) hasn't proposed to her despite being together for years, so she hatches a plan to go to Ireland with him and follow a special Irish tradition where women can propose to men on leap year day. However, not all goes as planned and she ends spending most of the time trying to find her would be husband with the help of a handsome bartender(Matthew Goode). This charming comedy also has plenty of picturesque Irish scenery. John Lithgow co-stars. With deleted scenes. Directed by Anand Tucker. 2009. 16x9 Widescreen. 101 minutes. PG.

Nine [2009 musical] - Although several key critics surprisingly lambasted this musical based on Federico Fellini's classic semi-autobiographical 8 1/2, it still received 4 Academy Award nominations (including one for Best Supporting Actress for Penelope Cruz), several Golden Globe noms and has developed a growing chorus of dissenters who think the movie is dazzling, stylish and brilliantly acted and directed. The always dazzling and magnetic Daniel Day-Lewis again displays his amazing range playing the eclectic film director [who was also brilliantly played by Marcello Mastroianni in the original film] who is trying to put together a new film project while ruminating about all the women who have helped shape his life. The incredible women are played by a stunning collection of iconic actresses who reveal surprising vocal and dancing talent: Marion Cotillard, the aforementioned Cruz, Judi Dench, Fergie, Kate Hudson, Nicole Kidman, and Sophia Loren. The movie is based on the Tony-winning Broadway musical that was in turn a clever musical adaptation of Fellini's stunningly surreal and erotic classic. With commentary, featurettes and music videos. Directed by Rob Marshall [Chicago, Memoirs of a Geisha]. 2009. 16x9 Widescreen. 119 minutes. PG-13.

Tetro - In his first original screenplay in years, Director-screenwriter Francis Ford Coppola provides us a little seen arthouse drama about a young man (Alden Ehrenreich) who goes to Buenos Aires to find his missing older brother Tetro. When he finds the mercurial poet (Vincent Gallo), he tries to find common ground and why he left his family, which happens to be lead by their father, a famous symphony conductor (well played by scene stealing Klaus Maria Brandauer). Co-starring Maribel Verdu and Carmen Maura. With commentary and featurettes. 2009. 16x9 Widescreen. 127 minutes. R.

35 Shots of Rum - Director Claire Denis [Beau Travail] helmed this acclaimed drama about a close father and daughter whose relationship is threatened when she finds a new suitor. . In French with English subtitles. With interviews and stills. 2009. 16x9 Widescreen. 102 minutes. Unrated.

Tooth Fairy, The [2009] - Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is hilarious and likable as always in this appropriately silly family farce starring as a surly hockey star who enjoys having a bad attitude. However, when he tells his girlfriend's disappointed daughter that there is no tooth fairy, he gets his comeuppance when he is forced to become a real tutu-clad tooth fairy. Ashley Judd, Julie Andrews, and Billy Crystal co-star. With featurette. Directed by Michael Lembeck. 2009. 16x9 Widescreen. 101 minutes. PG.

Transylmania - In this outrageous satire, a bunch of college guys accept the invitation of an online Romanian hottie to come to Transylvania to party. Of course, when they get there, the idiots discover that things are not all babes and beers and have to fight for their lives as nubile vampires try to suck the life out of them. This comedy from the guys who brought you Dorm Daze actually gets pretty good reviews on the net. Starring Patrick Cavanaugh, James DeBello, Tony Denham, Paul Hansen Kim, Jennifer Lyons, Oren Skoog, David A. Steinberg and Musetta Vander. With commentary, featurette, gag reel and extra scenes. Directed by David Hillenbrand and Scott Hillenbrand. 2010. 16x9 Widescreen. Unrated.

Wake - Bijou Phillips stars as a young cutie who goes to stranger's funerals to relax whenever she feels troubled. However, she accidentally meets the man of her dreams (Ian Somerhalder), when she ends up with his dead fiance's engagement ring in this offbeat romantic comedy. Also starring Marguerite Moreau, Sprague Grayden, Danny Masterson, and Jane Seymour. With commentary and featurette. Directed by Ellie Kanner. 2009. 16x9 Widescreen. 97 minutes. R.

Weathered Underground - In a DVD rarity, the audience gets to choose the course of the story in this satire, which can be either innovative or annoying depending on your point of view. However, everything is up to you, the viewer, to make hundreds of choices that either lead the hero to an action adventure or an all-out farce. Starring Brea Grant [Heroes], Michael Ciriaco, David N. Donohue, Hollis McLachlan, Ellyse Deanna, Jennifer Salvucci, Nicole Willared, and Joy Nash. With 30 different endings, 100's of choices. Directed by David N. Donihue. 2010. 16x9 Widescreen. 360 minutes. Unrated.


D13: District 13: Ultimatum - See last week's New Release descriptions for info.

District B13 - This is the original thriller that begat D13: District 13:Ultimatum. We have it for the first time on Blu-ray. In French with English subtitles. With featurette and deleted scenes. Directed by Pierre Morel. 2005. 84 minutes. R.

Nine [2009 musical]

Descriptions by manager Steven Y. Mori

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