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Monday, August 9, 2010

Spring Waltz (2006) - Korean TV Drama - Joe

Korean Director Yoon Suk-Ho presents his K-Drama “Endless Love” seasons, which also includes Autumn In My Heart, Summer Scent and Spring Waltz. His sensitive use of European classical and Korean pop music, his visions of beautiful scenery combined with innovative editing and pacing, keep the stories interesting and entertaining. All the series are in Korean with English subtitles. The pop songs are infectious and grow on you. If you enjoy the music, I’d highly recommend collecting OST (original soundtrack) CDs available from,,, etc.

Spring Waltz (2006) was filmed in Austria in winter and Korea with breathtaking scenery and cinematography, shot in the colors of springtime. The story involves a con man and his young son who returns to his home town on a remote island. He meets an old friend and her young frail daughter. The young boy and girl are immediately attracted to one another. A chain of events causes the death of the girl’s mother and the disappearance of the man and son. Years later, while traveling in Austria, the girl, Eun-Young, meets the manager of a talented but eccentric Korean pianist, Yoon Jae-Ha, and falls for the pianist.  The pianist's childhood friend as well as recording executive, Ina, is also smitten by Jae-Ha.  All four will return to Korea to work on a CD recording project. This starts a new chain of events that unravels all their lives.  Recommend Kleenex boxes.

The soundtrack has lots of waltzes and beautiful music composed by Chong Park.and Yiruma (who does a cameo on DVD Disc 4 Episode 10). There's a delightful and sprightly 4-hand piano piece called "Flying Petals" by Lee Ji Soo (on DVD Disc 4 Episode 10) which was "recorded" in a chapel... see link  It's not on the 2-disc CD soundtrack entitled "Spring Waltz by Yoon Jae Ha" with the actor's profile on the cover.  The first disc includes 22 tracks of beautiful piano music from the TV mini-series.  My favorite waltz is "Lost in Island" which evokes images of the wind-swept remote island.  "Sunday Afternoon Waltz" and "Guten Morgen" have a nice Austrian feeling.  The second disc includes 10 classical tracks of Chopin, Schumann and Tchaikovsky pieces performed by Julius-Jeongwon Kim.  Sorry no English translation for Korean text.  Try to buy from under "Spring Waltz" or from (if you're lucky).  Also, the Spring Waltz Korean TV Drama OST CD Soundtrack with the 4 actor ensemble on the cover only has 17 tracks on one disc!  This version does have an alternate recording of "Flying Petals", though the DVD version is much livelier.  The 1-disc CD soundtrack contains mostly songs with vocals and doesn't have "Lost in Island".  So, serious fans will just have to buy both OST CDs!!!

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