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Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Releases - March 13, 2012

Above Suspicion: Set 1 [Kelly Reilly (Sherlock Holmes) and Ciaran Hinds (Persuasion) star in this excellent British TV mystery series. 2008-2009.]

Adventures of Tintin, The [Steven Spielberg directed this visually striking motion capture adaptation of the beloved comics featuring a young boy reporter and his dog and a drunken sea captain as they cross the world and have exciting adventures involving hidden treasure and more offbeat endeavors. Daniel Craig and Jamie Bell provide the voices for this inventive, big budget action film for the whole family. This may be the first film in a proposed trilogy co-produced by Spielberg and Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson. The second film will presumably be made by Jackson if it goes into production. In any case, this film was nominated for Best Animated Feature Film and Best Original Music Score Oscars.]
American Teacher [This moving 2011 documentary by Vanessa Roth focuses on the sorry state of how America treats its teachers by looking at how 4 different teachers deal with the broken educational system in various parts of the US. Narrated by Matt Damon.]

Antibodies [Andre Hennicke, Wotan Wilke Mohring and The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus star in this very dark and disturbing German horror thriller about a sadistic serial killer. Directed by Christian Alvart. 2005.]

Bag of Bones [Mick Garris, who has made some of the best TV adaptations of Stephen King tomes like The Stand, also directed this underrated 2011 miniseries that features a magnetic performance by Pierce Brosnan as widower/writer who returns to the lakeside retreat that he and his late wife have in atmospheric New Orleans. While trying to break his writer's block, he not only evokes memories of his wife, he also encounters an angst-ridden ghost. In addition to Brosnan's great turn, the fine cast includes the always alluring Melissa George (A Lonely Place to Die, Triangle), Annabeth Gish, Anika Noni Rose, Matt Frewer and Jason Priestley.]

Descendants, The [George Clooney gives possibly the best performance of his career in this terrific dramedy as an off-kilter Hawaiian attorney who has to re-connect with his two estranged daughters when his wife ends up in a coma after a water skiing accident. Amara Miller and Shailene Woodley are also great as the daughters, and the excellent supporting cast features Beau Bridges, Judy Greer, Matthew Lillard, Nick Krause and Robert Forster.  Director-co-writerAlexander Payne (Sideways) won a well-deserved Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay, and Clooney's amazing performance, the film and Payne's direction were also nominated. A must see for Clooney fans and the Hawaiian scenery doesn't hurt either. 2011.] 

Dish and the Spoon, The [Greta  Gerwig and Olly Alexander headline this cute indie romantic comedy about a twentysomething woman recovering from a bad break-up with her ex who bonds with a younger teen. Alison Bagnell directed in 2011.]

Happy Feet Two [Those dancing penguins are back, and Mumble (the voice of Elijah Wood) has his own kid, who is lured in by a wacky cult leader (Hank Azaria). But disaster strikes and it's up to Mumble and his kid to save the other penguins. Brad Pitt and Matt Damon also provide voices in this amiable  2011 animated sequel that should delight pre-teens and penguin fans everywhere.]

Killing, The: Season 1 [Mirielle Enos, Joel Kinnaman, and Jamie Anne Allman star in this riveting, dark and acclaimed AMC film noir TV series about how the murder of a young beauty affects the police investigating as well as her family and friends. 2011.]

Like Crazy [Felicity Jones is excellent as a young college student who falls hard for American classmate Anton Yelchin. However, their love connection is threatened when she violates her visa and might be deported. The Hunger Games' Jennifer Lawrence also stars. Directed by Drake Doremus. 2011.]

Melancholia [The always controversial Danish filmmaker Lars Von Trier (Antichrist, Dogtown) returns with yet another unique cult film. Kirsten Dunst stars as a young woman whose wedding reception at her sister's estate turns into a disaster while a planet also seems to be headed on a collision course with earth. Charlotte Gainsbourg, Kiefer Sutherland and Alexander Skarsgard also star in this wild sci-fi melodrama. 2011.]

My Week with Marilyn [Michelle Williams (Brokeback Mountain, Blue Valentine) gives the performance of her career as the sexy and vulnerable Marilyn Monroe in this dramedy based on a true story. Directed by Simon Curtsi, this critically acclaimed film shows a side of iconic sexpot Marilyn that we rarely see as she bonds with a young assistant during the making of The Prince and the Showgirl. Kenneth Branagh is wonderful as always, this time doing an uncanny impression of his idol Laurence Olivier. Emma Watson, Eddie Redmayne and Judi Dench round out the excellent cast. Williams won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy and was nominated for an Oscar. Branagh was also nominated for Best Supporting Actor for both the Globes and Oscar in this appealing 2011 film.] 

Neverland [Rhys Ifans, Anna Friel, Charlie Rowe, Bob Hoskins, Charles Dance and Keira Knightley star in this nicely mounted Syfy fantasy miniseries that serves as a prequel to J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan, showing how Peter became a lost boy and how Captain Hook became even nastier. Directed by Nick Willing. 2012.]

Pianomania [Pierre-Laurent Aimard, Alfred Brendel and Lang Lang star  in this film by Lilian Franck and Robert Cibis about a piano whisperer. In German with English subtitles. 2010.]

Shameless [US]: Season 1 [William H. Macy pulls out all the stops as the over-the-top lead in this extremely rude hour comedy that airs on Showtime. He plays Frank Gallagher, a boozing deadbeat dad who lives with his motley crew of five children who mostly have more common sense than their father. More often than not, his kids, in particular his oldest daughter (superbly played by the talented, beautiful and occasionally naked Emmy Rossum) have to keep the family afloat and stop Frank from sinking into total oblivion. Cameron Monaghan, Ethan Kutcosky, Emma Kenney, Jeremy Allen White and Joan Cusack co-star. We almost didn't get this TV series, but we relented when a few people requested it. If this season rents well, we will get future seasons, so vote with your rentals. If you love dysfunctional family shows like Arrested Development, you'll probably like this one too. This is based on a British TV series that is almost as rude. 2011.] 

Stuck Between Stations [Josh Hartnett, Sam Rosen, Zoe Lister-Jones and Michael Imperoli star in this drama about a soldier who gets a 24 hour leave, runs into a girl he had a crush on and tries to romance her with mixed results. 2011.]

Three Musketeers, The [2011] [Alexandre Dumas' classic tale gets a lavish, special effects-laden (yes, we mean special effects!) reboot in this period fantasy directed by Resident Evil's Paul W. S. Anderson.  Logan Lerman stars as the young D'Artagnan, a swashblucking wannabe, who teams with the veteran sword-wielding Three Musketeers to vanquish an assassination plot. Orlando Bloom, Matthew Macfadyen, Luke Evans, Til Schweiger, and Ray Stevenson also star, and Anderson's Evil leading lady and real-life wife, the lovely Milla Jovovich, has fun as the femme fatale Milady de Winter. Odds are you have never seen a Musketeer film like this with floating ships and all. Whether you like the new spin or not, the special effects, cinematography, art direction and costume deign are stunning.]

Wallace and Gromit's World of Invention [The hilarious Nick Park claymation creations return for more animated fun in this TV series in which they host a TV show from their home. 2011.]

Women on the 6th Floor, The [Fabrice Luchini and Sandrine Kiberlain star as an affluent and very conservative sixties French couple whose lives are shaken up when they hire a Spanish maid who shows them how to live. Carme Maura co-stars in this Philippe Le Guay farce. 2010.]

Wyatt Earp's Revenge [Shawn West, country-western singerTrace Adkins, Matt Dallas and Val Kilmer star in this western thriller in which Earp convinces a group of gumen, including Doc Holliday and Bat Masterson, to help him avenge the murder of his girlfriend. Kilmer plays an older Earp here as he recounts the story, which is interesting because he did a terrific job playing Doc Holliday in Tombstone. Directed by Michael Feifer. 2012.]

Young Adult [Charlize Theron has a ball playing an ex-prom queen who, after going through a brusing divorce, decides to return to her hometown to win back the now married love of her high school life with surprising results. From director Jason Reitman (Juno), this darkly funny adult comedy also stars Patton Oswalt, Patrick Wilson and Elizabeth Reaser. Theron's unforgettable turn was also nominated for a Best Actress in a Comedy Golden Globe. By the way, the title refers to Theron's profession as an author of young adult books. 2011.]


Adventures of Tintin, The

Descendants, The


My Week with Marilyn

Recent/New Arrivals:

Outbreak  [Long refore Contagion, there was this exciting and fun deadly virus thriller starring Dustin Hoffman, Rene Russo, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey and Patrick Dempsey. Directed by Wolfgang Petersen. 1995.]

Notes by manager Steven Y. Mori.

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