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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Releases - October 9, 2012


Cat in Paris, A [Nominated for a Best Animated Feature Academy Award, this beautiful French family comedy focuses on a cat who lives during the day with a girl whose mother is a detective in Paris while at night he goes out and helps a slinky cat burglar with a big heart. Marcia Gay Harden, Anjelica Huston and Matthew Modine provide the English voices. Jean-Loup Felicoli directed in 2010. Contains both French and English versions]

Prometheus [Ridley Scott, who directed the original sci-fi horror classic Alien, returned to direct this 2012 prequel that proved both controversial and polarizing as people seem to love or hate this film. He fills the screen with eye candy while space explorers unearth what could be the extraterrestrial roots of earth. The terrific cast features Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Idris Elba, and Logan Marshall-Green.]

Raven, The [2012][Lately, John Cusack has been channeling his dark side, and this underrated horror noir follows in that vein. Luke Evans stars as an 1849 detective who discovers a double murder that copycats horror author Edgar Allan Poe's work, and, after eliminating his as a suspect, he convinces Cusack's Poe to help him solve the shocking crimes. Alice Eve, Breandan Gleeson and Kevin McNally also star in this beautifully shot thriller directed by James McTeigue.]


Bedevilled [Ultra-violent Korean horror action flick starring Seong-won Ji as a woman on the edge who is invited to a remote island by friend Yeong-hie Seo and ends up venting her pent-up anger by fighting for their lives. Min-Ho Hwang also stars. Chul-soo Jang directed.]

Cat in Paris, A

Courier, The [In this exciting thriller, Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays a courier who must deliver a briefcase for a killer in order to get a million bucks and save his family's life. Directed by Hany Abu-Assad. Mickey Rourke, Til Schweiger and Josie Ho co-star.]

Delicacy [Romantic French drama starring Audrey Tautou (AMelie) as a women whose soul mate dies and buries herself in her work until she kisses co-worker Francois Damiens and re-discovers love. Co-starring Bruno Todeschini, Melanie Bernier, Josephine DeMeaux, Pio Marmai, and Monique Chaumette. Directed by David Foenkios.]

Giant Mechanical Man, The [Evicted couple Jenna Fischer and Chris Messina are forced to move into Fischer's sister's apartment, but she (played my Malin Akerman) wants her sis to date self-help guru Topher Grace instead. Faced with all these challenges and distractions, the couple is forced to re-evaluate their relationship for better or worse. Lee Kirk directed this critically acclaimed indie romcom from Tribeca Films. Lucy Punch, Rich Sommer and Bob Odenkirk also star. The title refers to Messina's street performer persona: a silver painted man.]

Klown [Zany and sexy Danish farce starring comedians Frank Hvam and Casper Christensen as two wild and crazy guys doing outrageous things, Hvam kidnapping his pregnant girlfriend's son to prove he's a responsible parent and sex-crazed Christensen going on an adulterous canoe weekend. Mikel Norgaard directed.]


Raven, The [2012]  

Recent/New Arrivals:

Child's Play [1972][Chilling, well-acted and underrated Sidney Lumet thriller starring Beau Bridges as a young teacher who is hired at an exclusive boys school and gets caught in a feud between very different teachers James Mason and Robert Preston, leading him to discover shocking secrets. Recommended. DVD debut!]

Cria Cuervos [Carlos Saura directed this haunting 1976 masterpiece featuring Ana Torrent as a disturbed eight year old girl who sees manifestations of dead mother Gerladine Chaplin while mourning her loss. From The Criterion Collection.]

Notes by manager Steven Y. Mori.

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