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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New Releases - November 13, 2012


Brave [2012] [This is the first Ptxar animated hit that is female-centric, thanks to its Scottish teenage princess heroine, who rebels against her mother's insistence on decorum and goes into the enchanted forest to prove her independence and her bravery. Kelly Macdonald (Trainspotting, Boardwalk Empire) provides the lead voice,  and Emma Thompson and Julie Walters also contribute to this beautiful and colorful adventure for the whole family. 2012.]

Painted Skin: The Resurrection [In this Hong Kong action fantasy, Zhou Xun plays a fox spirit who is freed from her frozen prison and transform into a seductress, hoping to become human, Meanwhile, Zhao Wei is a princess who wears a mask to hide her disfigured face and pursues the only man she ever loved: the guard who failed to protect her years ago. Soon, their lives collide. Chen Kun co-stars and Wu Ershan directed.]

Savages [2012 Unrated] [Director Oliver Stone returns to his over-the-top style that marked Natural Born Killers and other earlier works in this fun and well-acted cult thriller/satire that stars Taylor Kitsch (John Carter, Battleship), Aaron Johnson (Nowhere Boy, The Greatest) and Blake Lively (The Town, TV's Gossip Girl) as a beautiful menage a trois who deal drugs with mellow vibes until a nasty Mexican drug cartel decides to cut themselves in for a slice, leading to kidnapping and much bloodshed. While the three leads are a bit too good looking and naive to be believed, they are very easy to watch eye candy while pros John Travolta (as a dubious drug agent), Benecio Del Toro (as a sadistic and double dealing thug) and Salma Hayek (as a beautiful but neurotic drug lord with parenting issues) do all the heavy lifting and steal the film from the Young Turks. For the first film in years, Stone seems to be having a good time shocking viewers with unexpected twists and stylish cinematic tricks. Not exactly for the squeamish since there will be blood.]


2 Days in New York [Director-star Julie Delpy follows up her 2 Days in Paris with this cute sequel with Delpy now settled in NYC with talk show host/journalist boyfriend Chris Rock. They are thrown for a loop when her father, her oversexed sister and her sister's crazy boyfriend show for an unexpected visit. Albert Delpy, Alexa Landau, Dylan Baker, Kate Burton and Daniel Bruhl co-star.] 

Billy Connolly [We have three separate live comedy performance shows for rental featuring the funny and feisty Scottish stand-up comic/actor: Erect for 30 Years, Live in New York and Live-The Greatest Hits.]

Brave [2012]

Burning Hot Summer, A [Phillippe Garrel directed this sexy French drama starring bhis son Louis as a painter whose jealousy and suspicious grow when tensions rise between a couple who are their friends. Monica Bellucci (Irreversible, Malena) plays the beautiful actress wife and Celine Sallette and Jerome Robart play the other couple.]

Child of Giants: My Journey with Maynard Dixon [Documentary about Daniel Rhodes-Dixon, the son of artist Maynard Dixon and photographer Dorothea Lange, who, although they were brilliant, left their sons in foster homes while they explored their art during The Depression.]

Company [2012] [Terrific new version of Stephen Sondheim's brilliant musical about five couples who interact with each other while going through different stages of their various relationships. A wonderfully eclectic cast (Neil Patrick Harris, Stephen Colbert, Jon Cryer, Christina Hendricks, Patti LuPone, Craig Bierko, Martha Plimpton, Anika Noni Rose and Katie Finnerman) does a great job in this taped stage production.]

Dark Horse [Yet another weirdly dark but comic look at life from Todd Solondz (Happiness, Welcome to the Dollhouse). This time, Jordan Gelber stars as a thirtysomething adult adolescent who still lives with his quirky and exasperated parents (Christopher Walken and Mia Farrow) until he meets and marries vulnerable babe Selma Blair. But is his newfound happiness real or headed for pain and disaster? Justin Bartha and Zachary Booth co-star.]

Golf in the Kingdom [Charming indie drama with Mason Gamble as an American philosophy student on his way to India in 1956. He stops for one last round of golf with mysterious golf pro David O'Hara who teaches him life lessons as well as golf over the next 24 hours. Malcolm McDowell, Tony Curran, Frances Fisher, Catherine Kellner, Julian Sands, Jim Turner, Joanne Whalley, and Rik Young also-star. Directed by Susan Streitfeld.]

Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity Six actresses/advocates travel around the world meeting courageous individuals who empower women and girls. America Ferrara, Diane Lane, Eva Mendes, Meg Ryan, Cabrielle Union, Olivia Wilde, George Coolney and Nicholas Ktistof are featured.]

Lost Girl: Season 1 [Sexy Anna Silk is hypnotic and beautiful as a succubus who discovers the world of the Fae, in which there is only either Light and Dark. She chooses to remain between the two in  this erotic Canadian sci-fi TV show.]

Painted Skin: The Resurrection

Pixar Short Films Volume 2 [More great animated shorts from Pivar.

Prep and Landing: Prep and Landing/Naughty vs. Nice [Two Christmas themed animated adventures featuring the popular Disney TV characters. Dave Foley, Derek Richardson, Sarah Chalke, and Rob Riggle are the featured voice talent.]

Queen of Versailles, The [Jaw-dropping documentary about Jackie and David Siegel, filthy rfich billionaires who are in the middle of building a 90,000 square foot palace when the recession hits. See how the beautiful blond and her fat cat hubby deal with the crisis.]

Savages [2012 Unrated]

Songs along a Stony Road [Documentary about Transylvania's folk musicians and their guardian angel Kallos. George Csicsery directed.]

Taking the Long View: The Life of Shiing-shen Chern [George Csicsery directed this documentary about the life of a remarkable mathematician whose Chinese philosophy helped build bridges between China and the West.]

Tealia [Sea anemone ballet choreographed by John McFall. Directed by George Csicsiery.]

Watch, The [2012] [Wild farce with four neighborhood watch idiots who discover an alien plot to destroy the earth, and they are unfortunately the only ones who can stop it. Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill, Richard Ayoade, and Rosemarie DeWitt star. Akiva Schaffer directed in 2012.]   

Recent/New Arrivals:

Twilight's Last Gleaming [Excellent and intense political thriller starring Burt Lancaster as a respected but imprisoned Air Force colonel who escapes and takes a nuclear base hostage with the help of three escaped prisoners. Robert Aldrich  (The Dirty Dozen, The Big Knife) directed this 1977 classic co-starring Paul Winfield, Burt Young, William Smith, Charles Durning, Richard Widmark, Melvyn Douglas and Joseph Cotten.]

Notes by manager Steven Y. Mori.

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