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Monday, January 21, 2013

New Releases - January 22, 2013


End of Watch [Gripping and realistic cop drama with good L.A. cops Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena unwittingly pulling over nasty drug cartel members, setting off a violent chain on events told found footage style from different points of view. Anna Kendrick, Natalie Martinez and America Ferrara co-star. David Ayer directed this well-reviewed 2012 film.]

Farewell My Queen [Beautiful period intrigue/erotica as Lea Seydoux plays a lady-in-waiting to Diane Kruger's Marie Antoinette, and she works her way into Antoinette's social circle, changing the course of history. Virginie Ledoyen also stars. Directed by Benoit Jacquot.]

Girls: Season 1 [see December 11, 2012 blog for info.]

Paperboy, The [Terrific Southern fried true noir with investigative reporters Matthew McConaughey and David Oyelowo teaming with Zac Efron and super sexy Nicole Kidman to prove that violent swamp dweller John Cusack was framed for the murder of a corrupt sheriff. Things do not go as planned. The offbeat casting works for this dark thriller as director Lee Daniels (Precious) elicits great performances, especially by Cusack going against type and Kidman, who received Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Best Actress nominations.] 

Pina [The Criterion Collection] [Director Win Wenders was working with modern dance pioneer Pina Bausch on a film when she died in 2009. Instead of scrapping the project, Wenders reconceived the project as an homage, and this visually stunning film is the result.]

Possession, The [2012] [A young girl obsesses over an antique box purchased at a yard sale, and her parents think nothing of it until her behaviour becomes more and more bizarre, sending them into crisis mode. A good cast (Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Kyra Sedgwick) and some good shocks highlight this familiar horror thriller directed by Ole Bornedal.]

Searching for Sugar Man [Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary, this fascinating film tells the story of Rodriguez, the 70's rock sensation nobody knows. He got a recording deal, but his album bombed and he went into obscurity. His bootleg recording found its way to South Africa and became a huge hit, prompting two fans to try to find out what happened to him. Malik Bendieloul directed and received rave reviews. 2012.]

Stolen [2012] [Fun, over-the-top thriller starring Nicolas Cage as an ex-con/master thief who must find $10 million to give his ex-partners in crime or else his daughter will die in a day. Solid thriller with a good cast (Josh Lucas cast against type, Danny Huston, Malin Akerman and Mark Valley) and some nice twists. Simon West (Con-Air) directed and makes good use of New Orleans locales and Mardi Gras.]


Assassins, The [2012] [In this action epic, Chow Yun-Fat plays the Prime Minister of the Han Dynasty who ventures east and defeats China's greatest warrior, takes the Han Emperor under his wing and crowns himself the King of Wei. Years later, his son and others urge him to become emperor but unknown forces plot against him. Zhao Yiyang directed, and Tamaki Hiroshi, Crystal Liu Yi Fei and Qiu Xin Zhi co-star.] 

Chicago 8, The [An eclectic cast (Orlando Jones, Danny Masterson, Gary Cole, Mayim Bialik, Philip Baker Hall, Steven Culp, Thomas Ian Nicholas, and Darren Criss) recreates the trial of 7 leaders of the anti-war movement and one Black Panther who were charged with inciting riots at the Chicago Democratic Convention in 1968.]

End of Watch

Farewell My Queen

For a Good Time, Call... [Rudely funny chick buddy flick starring Ari Graynor and Lauren Anne Miller as two very different babes who meet and decide to become roomies while working together as phone sex operators until they get in over their heads. James Wolt, Nia Vardalos, Mimi Rogers, Mark Webber and Justin Long co-star. Jamie Travis directed this 2012 comedy hit.]

Journey of Man [PBS] [How did the human race populate the world?  Geneticists trace the global family tree to one African man who lived 60,000 years ago in this intriguing PBS documentary directed by Clive Maltby. Dr. Spencer Wells hosts.]

Little Birds [Well-acted drama of teen girlfriends Juno Temple and Kay Panabaker, who grow up in a decaying trailer park on the Salton Sea, yearning for something to break their boredom and help them grow up too fast. Co-starring Leslie Mann, Kate Bosworth and Kyle Gallner. Elgin James directed this acclaimed indie coming of age story.]

Nobody Walks [Girls' creator Lena Dunham and director Ry Russo-Young co-wrote this underrated romantic drama starring John Krasinski as a film sound designer happily married to Rosemarie DeWitt, but when he helps her beautiful young friend Olivia Thirlby with her film, raw emotions and desires threaten the serenity of the household. Justin Kirk, Dylan McDremott, Nola Ennenga, Rhys Wakefield and Jane Levy also star.]

Pina [The Criterion Collection]

Possession, The [2012]

Red Road [Thriller starring Kate Dickie as a Scottish video surveillance person who sees ex-con Tony Curran from her past and starts to stalk him with the intention of confronting him about their mysterious past. Andrea Arnold directed. Martin Compston and Natalie Press co-star.]

Searching for Sugar Man

Stolen [2012]

Tai Chi Zero [Offbeat kung fu action about a stranger arriving in a legendary village in which all of the residents are martial arts masters. He wants to train with them, but they are not allowed to teach outsiders. However, when a railroad is scheduled to come through town, they may change their ways and ask for the stranger's help since he also possesses a special power. Yuan Xiaochao, Angelbaby, Qi Shu and Daniel Wu star. Directed by Stephen Fung.]

 Recent Arrivals:

Addio Zio Tom/Goodbye Uncle Tom [Uncut Director's Edition] [Amazingly graphic 1971 documentary style exploitation film showing what it was like to be an African slave taken from their homeland to America in the early days of slavery. Franco Prosperi Gualtiero Jacopetti directed this brutally realistic recreation that is still shocking 40+ years later.]

Thin Red Line, The [1998][The Criterion Collection] [Terrence Malick (Days of Heaven) directed this stunning and ethereal WWII drama about a US platoon fighting for Guadalcanal. The all-star cast includes Sean Penn, Adrian Broady, James Caviezel, George Clooney, Ben Chaplin, Woody Harrelson, Nick Nolte, John Cusack and Elias Koteas.]

Notes by Manager Steven Y. Mori.

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